FOGG Scent XTREMO Eau de Parfum – 100 ml (For Men)


The perfume is made by a blend of fragrances that give you elegant fragrance and freshness all day long. brings to you one of the most sought collections of perfumes from a world-famous brands.

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A FRESH NEW FRAGRANCE: Crafted by expert perfumers, Fogg Xtremo boasts of a refreshing fragrance that gives you a soothing experience throughout the day.LONG-LASTING PERFUME: Make heads turn wherever you go with the trail of strong, fresh fragrance left behind you.FRESH SCENT: An interesting alchemy of alluring freshness and magnetic scents that evoke your senses.STRONG AND VERSATILE: Wear it casually or for special occasions, Fogg Xtremo is perfect for those with a bold personality.FOGG SCENT COLLECTION: Exude an irresistible charm with the curated collection of Fogg Scents. To the man who is ready to take risks, unafraid to take up challenges and go the extra mile, Fogg Xtremo is for you. A sophisticated perfume for the adventurous, Fogg Xtremo has a panache of magnetic elegance and modern masculinity. Wear it casually or for special occasions, the strong, crisp aromatic scent makes it an enticing fragrance for all occasions. A long-lasting mens fragrance, Fogg Xtremo exudes pleasant masculine notes with a burst of energising freshness. Fresh scent infused with distinctive masculine fragrance to invoke a soothing experience for a very, very long time. Do not hesitate to show your grit and power with Fogg Scent collection. They have been carefully crafted to withstand the of days with long-lasting and effective freshness. So, get your scent on and leave behind a trail of alluring freshness wherever you go.


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